New age in anti-aging beauty care

We at United Cosmeceuticals believe that everybody deserves to have naturally healthy and youthful looking skin and hair. EVENSWISS® offers a revolutionary approach to skin care: the signalling cosmetics. Dedicated to this mission, we are making assiduous efforts to provide our customers with the most advanced cosmetics based on a deep understanding of the biological mechanisms of skin and hair regeneration. After 30 years of research a worldwide unique formula has been developed: EVENSWISS® with Dermatopoietin®.

Professional Treatments

Most EVENSWISS® products can be easily used at home, however the rejuvenation results will be achieved faster by professional cosmetic treatments. In cooperation with our partners, we developed a line of cosmetic treatments with EVENSWISS® products that activate the own rejuvenation mechanisms of the skin without applications of invasive methods.
  • Advanced treatment for the face
  • Body and hair Light therapy and skin rejuvenation
  • Deep cleansing facial
  • Anti-cellulite treatment
The key to a youthful appearance
The key ingredient for the anti-aging efficacy of all EVENSWISS® products is interleukin-1 alpha (IL1a, Dermatopoietin®), the natural cytokine that regulates skin and hair renewal. It acts as biochemical messenger between skin cells and activates the maintenance process of skin, restores the skin barrier function and regulates the hair cycle.
EVENSWISS® skin care products are optimized for a pleasant feel and excellent efficacy. They absorb well into skin and leave a soft and silky touch. In addition, their blend of active ingredients helps to promote the natural regenerative process of skin to restore its youthful texture and appearance. The Dermatopoietin® technology is protected by several international patents.