Are you looking for a solution to a specific skin problem, or want optimal care products adapted to the needs of your skin?

Med Beauty Swiss offers medical, cosmetic products and treatments that specifically solve skin problems as well as preemptively protect in everyday life so your skin stays healthy, youthful, and attractive.

Dr. med. Harald Gerny

Zurich-based dermatologist Dr. Harald Gerny founded Med Beauty Swiss in 1991. He was inspired by the idea of combining active medical ingredients with cosmetic principles to develop skincare products designed to provide visible results.

The comprehensive Med Beauty Swiss product range works preventively and includes dermatological solutions for all skin conditions.

We look forward to caring you - your skin!
Highest Quality
Our products are selected and manufactured according to the highest standards of quality and compatibility.
Research & Development
We invest substantially in scientific research and product development based on the newest active agents and ingredients from leading Swiss biochemical laboratories.
Medicine und Cosmetics
Our skincare products optimally combine a long-standing tradition in advanced cosmetics with the latest scientific research. Made in Switzerland.
Special Attention and Care
As the body’s largest sensory organ, the skin needs special attention and care. A trained Med Beauty Swiss cosmetician advises you and provides skincare solutions with satisfying results.