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Strawel Group is a comprehensive enterprise which integrates the global beauty brand introduction, supply chain construction, brand promotion, physical stores with self-supporting chain, sales personnel training, and conversion of sales channels.

Our company constructs a complete supply chain system from brand introduction, brand publicity and promotion, online and offline market coverage, and eventually to the retailers. We also provide the whole store output and the related sales staff output.

Power of cultures

We operate in the Chines domestic market and at international level. We conduct international cross-trade operations and wholesale trade development in foreign markets through a network of importers and distributors located in whole China and Asia.

Path to the future

Founded in 2008 and strategically based near Basel in Switzerland. The company offers a broad and reliable distribution network, which enables the company to extend the product portfolio worldwide. We serve our wholesale and distribution partners and customers by supplying top brand product lines with expedient administration and operations to ensure business integrity, efficiency and adequate logistics support.



Luxury Premium Products

History of legacies

The beginning of an exciting story
The aim was to address the need for high quality international products in the Asia regio.
In order to efficiently meet demand from customers, Strawel Group increased the number of staff members in our sales and logistics departments.
Working with brands across Premium Cosmetics and Perfumes the globe, Strawel Group works closely with specialist stores, cosmetic spas and salons in Asia to bring in key brands.
Brand Management
Introduction, promotion, market coverage
Quality Trade
Works with top stores and beauticians
Wholesale & Distribution
Import and Distribute of Beauty Products
“Our focus is growth in all our departments, bringing in even more internationally popular brands into Asia”
T. Jaeggi
T. Jaeggi
CEO & Founder

Strawel Group